Superior Tone & Comfort

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Tone & Comfort

ProPik has been the source for superior tone and unrivaled comfort for thousands of stringed instrument players for more than three decades. Created by a digital imaging engineer and banjo player, ProPik offers huge assortment of fingerpicks and thumbpicks, for banjo, dobro and guitar players. You will have no problem finding your perfect pick.

Pick Sizing

ProPik fingerpicks are designed to be completely adjustable, so it is one size fits all. We also offer a Small & Medium line of picks, specifically designed for players with smaller hands.

As a general rule of thumb (pun intended), most players will use medium or large thumbpicks, depending on the size of their hands and again, these are adjustable to you and your style.  Many average size players even prefer using Large thumb picks and adjusting them down. 

Blade Styles

Blade styles refer to the width of the fingerpick blade. They are marked #1, #2 and #3, with #1 being the narrowest for a brighter tone and #3 being the widest, for a warmer tone. #2 is a happy medium and is probably the most popular choice. 

Blade angle refers to whether you want the blade straight, or slightly angled. Straight is the standard choice, but the advantage of angled picks is that they allow for a more efficient contact of the blade against the string as you play.