What Size Do I Need?

ProPik fingerpicks are designed to be completely adjustable, so it is one size fits all. We also offer a Small & Medium line of picks, specifically designed for players with smaller hands.

When it comes to thumbpicks, most players will use medium or large thumbpicks, depending on the size of their hands and again, these are adjustable to you and your style.  Many average size players even prefer using Large thumb picks and adjusting them down.

What Metal Do I Need?

The brightest of the three metals offered (stainless steel, nickel, brass). Due to the way they are manufactured and buffed to a high sheen, there is also less drag on the string, thus producing less pick noise and accents the brightness further.

Nickel is close to the brightness of stainless steel, but just a hair warmer. Many people prefer nickel because they are more adjustable than steel, which by its nature is much harder to adjust.

Brass is the warmest of the 3 metal choices

What Does Blade Style Mean?

#1 blades are the most narrow and #3 blades are the widest. The #1 and #2 blades are the most popular, with the #2 being a hair more popular.

Over the years, players have made all kinds of alterations to their picks (and their technique) to make them work better. Angled blades allow you to hit the strings squarely with minimized finger movement, so you get a boost of tone, speed, volume, and reduced pick noise.

Returns and exchanges

If you want to return your picks, please contact propiks@deeringbanjos.com to notify us. You can return your picks within 7 days of original purchase, provided that the picks are in new condition (unbent, untarnished, unscratched).  Please do not ship in an envelope. Ideally, use the box provided. Any picks received in poor condition may be subject to a restocking fee. Upon receipt of your picks, we will refund/replace the picks. The customer is responsible for any shipping costs.

Ship your unused picks back to us at:

Deering Banjo Company
3733 Kenora Dr.
Spring Valley, CA 91977